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Terms of Services

Welcome to the online currency exchange and banking platform

1- The use policy of the platform and the modification of the rules for use
All members must agree to the terms of our rules to use our platform, and the company’s management has the right to change the work terms and the usage policy at any time without referring to the members, and the usage policy is applied to every one according to what is specified on this page

2- Working hours of the platform
Our platform operates from Saturday to Thursday at specific times, which are from 11:00 in the morning until 11:59 in the evening
Friday is an official holiday for all platform workers, but we can carry out orders for the whole day at the end of the day after 10:00 pm, but today is basically an official holiday for all workers

3- Appointments for reviewing orders and speeding up order receipt and canceling orders
All orders are reviewed according to its waiting role, regardless of the amount of the order, whether it is large or small, and the administration has the right only to speed up the orders as you see it in the event that it does not conflict with the private interest of its customers
– The review period is from one minute to 60 minutes, with a maximum of 24 hours, in cases of no pressure on the platform, and it may reach 120 hours in cases of severe pressure on the platform. We are always working to speed up all orders, but the matter is out of our control.
– The order acceleration service is available, but with conditions that may be approved or not by the person responsible for reviewing the orders, and with fees higher than normal
As the order acceleration service is carried out with an additional fee of 10% that is deducted from the value supposed to be received
– The order cancellation service is provided by submitting a request for support stating that the order has been canceled, but it is with a special policy, and in the event that the request exceeds the period specified in the rules and laws, the applicant has the right to cancel his order and refund the entire amount sent without deducting any fees
But in the event that the member requests to cancel the order and his order does not exceed the prescribed period, then 10% of the amount value will be deducted in order to respect the rules and laws of our platform

4- Rules for buying and selling prices
Our insolvency is linked according to the global market in buying and selling, and there is a connection between the management of our platform and other global platforms around the world so that there is no price disturbance.
Where our platform works to provide the best prices according to the market, where the prices are changed automatically on the platform
Therefore, all existing orders apply to the new price policy after changing it, whether in buying or selling, whatever the change is by increase or decrease, and the member has no right to object to change the price according to his approval of the rules and laws of the platform
10% will be deducted from the value of the amount in case the member requests to cancel the order due to the automatic price change in order to respect the rules that he agrees to at the registration stage and in every order he makes

5- Special rules for using our wallets
No member has the right to use our wallets in any illegal acts or blackmail anyone
No member has the right to use wallets with others to make any orders, as the administration has the right at any time to disable the request until the owner of the wallet is confirmed.

6- Data policy recorded in the order
The platform is not responsible for changing any data made in the order, as the platform executes the orders according to the data specified in the order
The platform is not responsible for any wrong information made in the order
In the case of executing the order, no member has the right to refer to us in any mistake that occurs through it, intentionally or unintentionally
The platform is not responsible for the mistakes of others

7- Policy of using the discount system
We provide a unique discount system whereby all members who verify their accounts can get a discount according to the total amounts used in our platform
The discount rate starts from 0.01% until it reaches 2% according to the total amounts of the member
The management can change this percentage any time it wants, according to what it deems appropriate for the prices of the platform
No member is entitled to an additional discount or to change prices for any reason
As for the accounts eligible for the discount, each member activates and authenticates his account only

8- Accounts and data documentation rules
He urges any member to authenticate the account any time he wants, and the platform or the administration cannot use this data anywhere else permanently.
You can verify your account to get the full benefits, whether the discount or the invitation link

9- Affiliate marketing policy and profit from inviting friends
Any member who has verified his account can make a profit by inviting friends to use the platform from his invitation link, where the invitee gets a special commission for all orders made by friends from 0.10% up to 2% according to the amount of the order

10 – The laws of using the name of our company or accusing the platform of any illegal words
Since we are a company, we operate in an official legal manner and we have all the papers that prove the legality of the company
It is the right of the administration to file a lawsuit in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act in the United Kingdom against any person who uses our company name or company logo in any illegal acts or damage it in any illegal word

11- Rules and rules for rewards and prizes
The company provides support to all its members, as it conducts monthly competitions with very valuable prizes that get the winners, and only the administration has the right to determine the terms of each competition separately

12- Policy of agreeing to rules and laws
In order to work in an organized environment, we have defined these simple rules so that there is mutual respect between the member and the administration, as the rules and laws page must be followed by all members on an ongoing basis and it is not permissible to be ignorant of them
The administration is not responsible for any member who has not read all our work terms and has no right to bypass this policy, whoever he is.
The rules and laws are the basis of our work, as they are fully applied by the member, management and employees, and it is not permissible to circumvent them for any reason.
The administration has the sole right to change these rules and laws according to what it deems appropriate and in the interest of the member and the interest of the entire platform, without referring to the members, and no member has the right to challenge these rules
By using our platform and registering with it, this means that you agree to all the previous terms, so everyone must respect them

In the end, the management of ARbahy Exchange LTD thanks all its members for respecting its policies